About Bustan Thom

Bustan Thom (Thom’s Orchard) was established in 2010 in order to continue the values of Captain Thom Farkas, a fighter pilot that was killed in 2006, during the Second Lebanon War, while on his way back from a mission in Lebanon trying to stop the bombardment of the Hezbollah rockets.

Thom loved life and everything they had to offer. In his humble and special way, Thom shined in everything he chose to do, but above all he shined as a person.

The Orchard, which symbolized has been established to by which Thom and many other soldiers risked their lives to ensure the continuation and safe existence for the rest of the citizens of Israel and Jews all over.


Bustan Thom is an environmental, ecological, educational center -symbolizes LIFE, co-existence of man with nature and man with man.  It teaches about taking personal reasonability for the country and the society we live in. It encourages thoughtfulness and fairness.

The center’s hands on programs, enable all visitors to reconnect with nature, and understand the importance of agriculture in our lives. The program’s goals are, that all Visitors, internalize the lessons and will want to also take part in the Ecological Revolution that is important to our health and future existence.


Bustan Thom started its activities 10 years ago. It is run and maintained by volunteers who are a testament of our main message


As a learning center, we conduct actives for thousands of children of all ages and socio-economic back ground.

We have special programs for youth and “at risk youth” where they contribute their time and volunteer to help with the agricultural duties. This provides them with a sense of empowerment and the feeling of being able to contribute to the society they are part of.
The above is also done with groups of senior citizens and children and adults with special needs.


We host many army units, soldiers that need special preparation to help them acclimatize and reach their potential in the army to special forces units that connect to the place that symbolized the continuation of life.

All these groups and visitors find the experience in Bustan Thom a unique, powerful and eye-opening experience.


The goals of Bustan Thom are:

  1. Teaching the values of co-existence between man and nature and mankind’s role in protecting nature.

  2. Raising awareness to the importance of Agriculture in our lives how we cannot live without it and the role it played in establishing the state of Israel and the zionist movement.

  3. Showing the solutions that the Organic Movement has developed to maintain sustainability

    1. Use of biological traps instead of spraying pesticides

    2. Using compost to nourish the soil and the plants instead of chemicals

    3. Cleaning and re using water using wetlands

  4. Strengthening the message of our ability to change and affect our future and the earth’s future.

noam-gershony (1).jpeg

I would like to introduce you to a very special place that symbolizes all that I hold dear to my values and heart.

Bustan Thom (Thom’s Orchard). Was established in 2010 as a Learning Center to promote and teach the importance of Co – existence between Man and Nature and Man with Ma to ensure Sustainability of this Land and the people of this Country and Nation.


Bustan Thom is named after Captain Thom Farkas-an Apache Helicopter Pilot, who was killed in July 2006, during the Second Lebanon War as he was returning from a mission in Lebanon to stop the Bombardment of the Hezbollah on all Citizens of Israel.  He was 23 years old. His family decided to continue his essence and spirit of giving all that he can for the continued Existence and Sustainability of Israel.


Thom’s Orchard mission, is to shine focus on the importance of Agriculture and Nature as the bases of our Existence. The Orchard is a small (model) Agriculture farm that reconnects visitors to the land and to where and how our food comes from. It showcases solutions for growing our food without the use of pesticide, using solutions that have been developed here in Israel.


All the trees, vines, plants in the Orchard were planted by family, friends and Volunteers who continue to maintain the Orchard and its plants on a daily basis.

One of the main missions of Bustan Thom is to encourage people to Volunteer and take Personal Responsibility for the Country and Society they are part of. 


The Orchard is an Agricultural and Ecological Learning Center that has 10 Stations. Each Hands-on Experience Station represents various solutions that have been developed to maintain and ensure the hearth of the soil, water and air that are essential to man’s existence. The stations have been set up to model Ecological Solutions to inspire and educate all visitors to take part in the Environmental Revolutions that is important to our health and future existence.


The Bustan is open at all times to the General Public to come and enjoy its beauty. The Orchard hosts over 5000 guests that come in groups to learn, experience and be inspired by Organic Agriculture Movement. School Children from Kindergarten through High School, Army Units, Organizations and Groups from all Israeli Society.


The Orchard has been inspired by the Values of the Worldwide Organic Movement that mirrors the legacy of Thom and all those that gave their life for our existence:

  • Health

  • Ecology

  • Fairness

  • Care & Personal Responsibility

Noam Gershoni, Golden Paralympic hero, a winner, a friend.